Blade Runner 2049 Soaring At Home

Great to see Blade Runner 2049 finding a home audience!  DVD and Blu-ray sales are rocking and rolling. I knew we made an excellent film.  Sweet redemption, indeed!

The film is “Certified Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, with an impressive score of 87 percent. Paste’s Dom Sinacola called it “an astounding achievement” in his review, rating it an 8.4—we later listed it among our top films of 2017, ranking only a handful of stellar features ahead of it. And the Academy co-signed all of that critical praise in February, as Blade Runner 2049 won Oscars for its outstanding cinematography (all hail,Roger Deakins) and visual effects, also landing nominations for production design, sound mixing and sound editing.

According to the industry data and research outlet The Numbers, “2049” has pulled in an impressive $21 million and counting from home video sales just in 2018. The movie was released December 26, 2017 on DVD, followed by a Blu-ra release January 16, 2018.

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